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Unity: The arctangent of solitude

15 years ago

Juni Machine: Do you really think I’m that stupid? I’m not falling for this trick again.

Juni: Trick? What do you mean?

Sam: [[outside]] Who are you talking to?

Juni: ow ow ow

Juni Machine: Don’t play dumb. Simulated input? [[blue text]] [Maybe an actor] Either way I know myself too well.

Juni: What are you talking about? Why don’t you think I’m really me?

Juni Machine: Like I’d give it away? No I’m not helping them fool me.

Juni: Please, I just-

Sam: Juni?

Juni Machine: [[red text]] [answer] Square root of love.

Juni: Happiness? What does that have-

Juni Machine: Hm. They never got that right before. Fine, we’ll “talk.”


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