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77. Mood swings

14 years ago



Tamu: Electroreception? You never mentioned that you could sense currents!

Juni: Well, I’m sure that you never told me that you were charge-deaf.

Tamu: It explains so much…! My… The emitter, why the still respond to the proto-

Juni: Why are you making such a big deal about this?

Sasha: {;?

Tamu: I have so many questions… Where to begin?

Juni: Could you please wait until I’ve-

Tamu: Have you always been able to sense the processes inside of data nodes?

Juni: What? I don’t know. Maybe-

Tamu: What else are you not telling me, Juni?!

Juni: I haven’t been telling you to breeze off and let me rest!

Tamu: …!

Tamu: I’m sorry… I don’t know what I’m…

Tamu: Let’s go, Sasha. Juni needs its rest.

Sasha: :_;,:<-.


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