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Unity: Familiarity

15 years ago

Juni: It seems so… familiar. (I’m on a space ship.)

Roarke: It should. You have lived here your whole life.

Juni: (it rotates for centripetal force) (a=v2/r) (light heat power from H2 plasma) (rotating shield for day cycle) (constructed ecosystem) (how do I know this?)

Roarke: I hope I did not scare you earlier when I came on so strong, by the way. You know how I am when I’m doing my job.

[Breeze, and you walked in on him doing that? Ha, what a kessel!]

[Yeah, I know!]

Juni: I don’t, actually. (we must be friends)

Roarke: Oh, right. Sorry.

Juni: (is that me?)


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