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Unity: Gopher broke

15 years ago

Original entry: 51. Gopher broke

Juni: So, you. You’re that voice in my head, putting thoughts there. Through the thing in my brain.

Juni Machine: What are you talking about?

Juni: Your voice. It sounds like when… it’s the same voice as in the back of my mind.

Juni Machine: Don’t be stupid. That’s just your subconscious. Everyone has that. Your data node is just-

Juni: Data node?

Juni Machine: Wait, you answer faster than the words would… How are you listening to me?

Juni Machine: [[words in red, word ballooon still rectangular but fitting exactly around text with no variations]] [Surface tangent velocity]

Juni: 500 meters per second

Juni Machine: [Ethyl alcohol]

Juni: C2H5OH

Juni Machine: [Length of a string]

Juni: As long as it needs to be.

Juni Machine: [Name of my first gopher]

Juni: … When did I have a pet?

Juni Machine: [[word balloon as before]] Interesting.


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