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Unity: Sparkle

14 years ago

Original entry: 121. Sparkle

Tamu: In any event, this led me to learn about your species' natural electroreception.

demiJuni: Oh, yes, [[Kajoshi]] sparkle! [[Hiero]] I never told you about that?

Tamu: Quite. It seems that your organic brain was able to interpret the energy signatures coming from the synthetic one.

Tamu: And, at some point, your organic brain became so attuned that the simulation was able to, shall we say, “collaborate.”

Tamu: [[to people at door]] Yes, if you would bring him in now.

Tamu: I think you may be able to directly communicate with other Spadetails as well.

Tamu: In any case, in order to test this theory, I have annexed this prostitute.

demiJuni: What?!

Seth: Pardon me, sir, but I prefer the term “personal assistant.”

Seth: Hey, that thing is [[Kajoshi]] sparkling [[Hiero]] weirdly,. What is it?


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