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Unity: Running ragged

13 years ago

[[Juni catches up to Tanya, who is walking in front of the Electric Dance Club.]]

[[Signs in the Electric Dance Club’s windows (roughly translated): “You must be 210 rounds,” “Hermaphrodites' night, half off”]]

Juni: Harris, wait up. I need to ask you some things while-

Tanya: You again? Li'l critter, I toldja, I ain’t gonna break protocol.

Juni: Not about that. You work with Sam, right?

Tanya: I work alone. But we both reported to Lombard b'fore… you know.

Juni: How’s he been feeling lately?

Tanya: You got no idea how ragged he’s been runnin' ‘cause of you?

Juni: “Ragged?”

Tanya: Guy’s even been makin’ milk. I ain’t no doctor but that don’t seem right.

Tanya: I guess yer cute enough, but breeze if ya don’t put him closer to cremation.

Juni: But I-

Tanya: I know yer Academy ‘n all, but we ain’t all equations 'n experiments.

Tanya: He ain’t the best soldier but his mind’s in the right place. I don’t like seein’ ‘im get hurt for it.

Juni: I see. Thanks, Harris.

Tanya: You can call me tanya. G'day, officer.


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