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Breeder: The script

12 years ago
Characters: Ivo Melrose and Alda Henning - two young kayohash, apparently female. Iyo is a typical Melrose; Alda is yellow with Melrose-blue hair.

They are on a pile of bedding, near an indoor stream, snuggling up close (and naked).

Ivo: Mm, that was just what I needed after a long day. Thank you, Alda.
Alda: It is my pleasure, mistress.

Ivo [kissing Alda on the snout]: Please, dear. We're not in public. Call me Ivo.
Alda: Yes mis... Ivo.
Ivo: I am so glad I found you.  You make it so easy for me to parth.

Alda [blushing]: It... it is my pleasure to serve you.


[Ivo visits the royal broodwitch, carrying an egg]

Ivo: Ah, good evening, Yorda.  I seem to have laid another egg.
Yorda: Another one?  It hasn't even been a tenday since your last!

Ivo: I have found... quite the brooding double, yes.  She is rather stimulating.
Yorda: Oh? What is her name?
Ivo: Alda.  Alda Henning, I think.

Yorda: ALDA Henning?  Interesting.
Ivo: Oh? Why is that?
Yorda: Nothing in particular.  Forget I mentioned it.


[Ivo and Alda are kissing passionately]

Ivo: Oh, yes... yes, I love that thing you do, with your fingers...
Alda: My...fingers, mistress?

Ivo: Yes, that... THING.  Yes, that's the one.

[As seen from behind Ivo: Alda has one hand on Ivo's shoulder, the other one rubbing Ivo's neck, her knees around Ivo's hips]
Ivo: Don't stop.


[Walking through a hallway]

Yorda: Mistress Ivo, another one of your eggs has hatched. Would you like to see it?
Ivo: No, I think not. Once you've seen one Melrose pup, you've seen them all, yes?

Yorda: Mistress, begging your pardon, but I really think you should see this one.

Ivo [impatiently]: Fine. Show me.


Ivo [rolling her eyes]: Yes, she looks like a Melrose pup. Purple and squishy. What's so important?
Yorda: Look at her ears.

Ivo: What about them?
Yorda: Don't they look a bit... round to you?
Ivo: I suppose.  Is that all?

Yorda: No, mistress, there--
Ivo: I am quite busy, you know, and now I am late for a symposium.
Yorda: But Alda might be... oh, never mind.


Ivo: Oh Alda, my darling concubine, I have had such a dreadful day. Would you care to rub my shoulders?
Alda: Yes, mistress. Of course.
Ivo: I love that you are so dependable.
Alda: Yes'm.

Ivo: It was horrible. So many symposia, so many interruptions... Oh, and that broodwitch, bothering me with every little flicker of a concern that passes through her empty head.
Alda: Concerns?

Ivo: "Ivo, look at your children! Some have rounded ears! Some haven't lost their spurs past their first round!" Hira help me. It's enough to drive a regent to drink.


Ivo: Oh, Alda, I do love you so.  I must know more about your skills.
Alda: Mistress?
Ivo: Show me your fingers.

[Alda holds out her hands]
Ivo: No, not those... the lower ones.  Your *talented* ones.

[Ivo puts her hand on Alda's crotch]
Ivo: The ones you keep down here.
Alda: M...mistress?
Ivo: Ah, there they are.


Ivo: I have never actually seen them before.  Goodness, they look like a little tree!
Alda: Mistress...

Ivo: Tsk. Alda, call me Ivo.
Alda: Mistress Ivo... those... those aren't fingers.

Ivo: Oh? What are they, then?
Alda [blushing]: They... ah... it is something else.
Ivo: Well they certainly look like fingers to me.


Alda: Mistress Ivo, I... um... was born male.
Ivo: Male? Those are the commoners who keep their spurs and body hair, yes? Tsk, Alda, you're my concubine now. Of course you're above that.

Alda: Mistress, begging your pardon, but... I don't think you understand. Mistress Zero--
Ivo: Pah. I'm a Melrose, a CHOSEN DAUGHTER of Zero. How is there anything I could not understand?
Alda: eep

Alda: Forgive me, mistress. I... I have spoken out of turn.  Could... could you not squeeze my, ah, "fingers" so hard?
Ivo: Oh, goodness, I'm sorry!  Oh, they're leaking.


[pixeltext]: And so, Ivo and Alda lived happily ever after.  "Ivo the Prolific" had eighteen daughters...

[pixeltext]: ...nine of whom were male.

[pixeltext]: And Mother help me, may they not be so arrogant.

Author’s notes

The main difference between the script and the comic is how Alda talked. She is delicate and introverted and, as someone who is trans, learned not to talk about herself unless she was very comfortable with whom she was talking to. In the end I was concerned this would make her come across as a victim of sexual abuse and/or sentient trafficking, but it’s hard to convey discomfort with oneself without being overly-expositiony, and as you may know by now, I loathe exposition.

Originally I wanted to fit in a bit where the Broodwitch was aware of one Aldus Henning, and Alda was going to say something that implied that when she told Zero how she felt about her gender, Zero asked her to not go all the way and instead go into service as a royal concubine (knowing of Ivo’s unwillingness to learn about anything “beneath” her, such as how “commoners” breed), but in the end I felt it was best to leave things to the reader’s imagination. I don’t like spoon-fed stories.


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