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Womble: Routine

14 years ago

Original entry: Routine

Duchess: I am bored. Let’s do each other’s day.

[[The Womble pours a test tube into beaker.]]

[[The Duchess reads. Another book lying nearby is titled “Reversing Mad Science,” by H. B. Narbon.]]

[[The Womble walks the Duchess.]]

[[The Womble, beside a model of some death-ray satellite, points to a sign.]]

Sign: Our demands:

Sign: - [[pound symbol]] 15 million

Sign: - 12 Platypi

Sign: - 25g unobtainium

Sign: - A pony filled with nitroglycerin

[[A television shows the same scene.]]

[[The Duchess prepares dinner.]]

[[The Womble sleeps on the bed and the Duchess sleeps on the floor.]]


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