Lewi: 52. Natural (2016/12/09)



2016/12/09: Woogh

Wrists are hurting as usual but I'm working on rearranging some lifestyle stuff to make it work out. Follow my Patreon if you want to know more!

2016/10/01: Inktober!

I'm doing Inktober again, and this year I'm going to probably use the official prompts to design new species until I end up just doing more Undertale fanart.

I'm also going to keep on working on Lewi, of course; when a Lewi comic is ready it'll preempt a post of Inktober, and I'll just have to double Inktober posts up or something. Or maybe I could just post multiple things for a single day; technically my CMS supports it, but the results are kind of inelegant. Wait no, my CMS only supports it on archive pages and the RSS feed, it won't work on the front page. Wellp.

Or, judging by how it went last year, I'll only remember to post like three of them here and the rest will just have to be seen on my Tumblr.

(I swear I'm going to get around to making a better CMS for my site someday!)

2016/08/08: How I'm going to try staying in the saddle again

The problem I always seem to run into when I'm making comics is I get it in my brain that I need to finish a comic the same night I start it, so with my wrist issues I always set myself up for failure already. What I keep on telling myself and others is that if you spend only an hour or two a day working on a comic, even if you don't finish it, that's one or two hours more than you'd spent previously.

So, I'm taking my own advice, and spending one or two hours on comics every day. And it's certainly changed my process a lot already — I'm thinking further ahead on the story and not worrying about getting a comic out the door right away, and for once I actually have a strip-by-strip breakdown script (although that's more a result of how when I was first drawing #43 I recognized a story inconsistency due to my usual seat-of-the-pants story editing, and then realized I could rearrange some stuff to make certain things much more impactful and I wanted to figure out where what was #43 would now go in the story sooner rather than later).

Anyway! This is as good a time as any to plug my Patreon again, because patrons pledging $3 or more get to see the progress on comics as I complete a daily chunk of work! So, if you like seeing process and/or progress, that's a good way to get at least a rough idea. And sometimes I post my breakdown scripts there, as I did for chapter 4!


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