Sketchbook: Captain Ed Lombard (2009/01/07)



2009/01/07: Womble on Kidjutsu

I am pleased to announce that the first "collection" of Womble (1-12) is available on Kidjutsu, a comics portal for kids. If you have kids who like comics and want a safe place to read them online for free, check out Kidjutsu, as there's a lot of excellent stuff there. I'm not sure what model we'll go with for future updates (since Womble updates so sporadically) but we'll deal with that when we get there. (Unity may end up there eventually, although there's a few concerns about the subject matter, what with the walking, talking, naked monotremes having implied quasi-sexual relations with transsexual boviforms and so on.)

Also, Brian (the founder/programmer/etc.) is happy to hear feature suggestions, bug reports, and other improvement requests.