Unity: 220. Sentence (2009/11/11)



2009/11/11: When the end comes

I've mentioned this before, but within the next few months, Unity will be ending. I have decided that when it does, I will provide some options for a "collection" version. For various reasons that I won't go into, it seems natural to me that it should be released initially as a DRM-free ebook of some sort. So here are the options I am thinking of: If there is enough interest in a print edition I'd probably go the Lulu route, although setting that up would be a huge amount of work and, if it's in color (which is important to the story), it would also be enormously expensive, so that seems like something of a last resort.

Just to keep things simple for me, I'd probably use Dreamhost Files Forever, although its UI kind of sucks. If anyone knows of another digital file fulfillment system that lets me just set a price on files and have them provided to people when they pay money, I'd be open to suggestions (including something that uses the Google Checkout API or whatever).

I'd appreciate any feedback.