Sketchbook: Over-Under-Through (2010/12/30)


While on vacation I went to my mom's print studio, where we made some prints with easy-to-use materials. This was done by scratching lines into the inside of a milk carton. It took a lot longer to ink the "plate" than it did to "etch" it.

I will upload a better scan when I have easy non-attached-to-my-mom's-computer access to a scanner. This is the better scan.

Sketchbook: Chameleon (2010/12/31)

While at my parents' house they wanted me to go through my treasures that they'd been collecting when I was growing up. I came across this proto-comic I did when I was 6, as part of a book report on Chameleon Was a Spy.


2010/12/30: Some miscellaneous updates

I haven't had time to work on comics themselves, although I did upgrade the aging Movable Type 3.36 I had before to 5.0. I don't like the new user interface. It seems to be hyper-optimized for the sorts of things that I've never actually used a CMS for, and makes simple site management a pain in the butt (and also wants to manage EVERYTHING, not just the entry text). Also, it's freaking unstable from the admin panel (update: turns out I was running out of memory, which was easy to fix by removing a couple of templates that I don't actually use). Very annoying. I might actually just get around to writing my own dang CMS since it's not like the upgrade has fixed the duct-tapiness of it all (although I can probably simplify my templates somewhat, at least).

Anyway, I'm heading back to San Francisco on the 30th (i.e. today) so hopefully updates will start again soon.