Sketchbook: Sketchbook Sunday (more Lewi designs) (2015/02/08)


Some more design work on the Davis family. Usually I just make character designs up as I go along; for this comic I did some amount of planning before I just made it up as I went along.

In this world, dragons keep on growing until the day they die; Linden is still relatively young, while Ezri is old and wizened. In this picture, Linden standing up was just to give a sense of scale; he's heavy enough that he usually goes on all fours (and Ezri passed that point long ago).

I tried drawing some simple images of Lewi walking, and realized her leg structure didn't lend itself very well to that. Obviously she's built to hop.


2015/02/08: Possible schedule slip

I've been a bit under the weather and having wrist problems again, so I'm not sure if I'll manage to get two comics out this week. I hope I do because the sketchbook page scheduled for next Sunday depends quite a lot on this week's strips (which is sort of a coincidence, mostly since I didn't expect this week's strips to take so long to get to), but you know what they say; All toasters toast toast.