New Readers Guide

Hi, thanks for coming to my comic site! I know things are a little confusing at first, because of the way that I have the multiple-story archive set up. So let me try to walk you through how things are put together.

First of all, every single story is always accessible directly from the archive page, where you can get to the individual stories, see the overall calendar view, and read the textual recaps of the longer stories where I've made recaps available.

Secondly, you might notice that most of the stories are sub-stories of "Unity." This part is a little confusing too; basically, the original story entitled "Unity" establishes a kind of complicated setting, but the best way to get into it is to just read the stories as you like. (If you want, you can also buy print collections.)

There's a few other weird wrinkles in the archive. Journal comics were originally part of my weblog, but I eventually pulled them into this comic site as well, but some of the early ones especially are about things I was actively blogging about at the time. So, if you don't understand them, don't worry, it's not really worth trying to.

Then there's the navigation stuff. On most comics, you have four buttons: first, previous, next, and current. Well, since this comic site collects multiple stories, the "first" button refers to the first strip in the series you're looking at. There's an additional button to the left of it, which goes back to the story list.

Finally, there are a few different views that you can use to consume different amounts of comic at a time. There's the typical "daily" view, then there's also the less-common "weekly" view, then there's the even-less-common "monthly" view, and finally, there's the "comments" view (which lets you look at the transcript, if available, and any comments on the individual comics, but also treats news posts as part of that stream as well). The date-based views can all be switched to by the handy calendar that's at the top of the date-based pages, and you can always switch between specific views with the links below the navigation bar.

This is confusing and annoying but you'll get the hang of it! And of course the best way to subscribe to new comic posts is via RSS or some other syndication service (such as Comic Rocket).


2018/04/22: I really need to get back to this

Oops, it's been a while since I've posted a comic. Sorry about that. I've been pretty busy with lots of things.

For a few examples:

In any case, I really appreciate your ongoing support. Even if you can't help fund my Patreon or buy my items for sale, just knowing that there are people out there who are interested in my work does a lot to keep me going. Spreading the word would mean so much to me.

2018/02/22: Oh gosh I'm busy lately

Between working on like three games at the same time, having to support some folks on long-running projects, and working on reviewing, modifying and enhancing my keyboard, not to mention having way too many music projects that I'm Not Getting Done, I'm kiiiiinda too busy to work on comics. I do, however, have a 6-page manga-style zine comic that I did for my drawing group; I can't post it publicly yet but rumor has it that patrons might have early access to it...

Oh also! My games and I will be at Emerald City Comicon 2018 at the Indie Games Showcase! It is on the second floor North gallery. If you're going to be at ECCC, stop on by! My current scheduled booth times are:

Anyway! Sorry for the lack of updates, but it's all for good reasons, I promise.

2017/11/09: Oh yeah I have comics to make

It's amazing how busy one can get when one is starting a new business, making a lot of music, and working on a bunch of games.

I do want to get back to both Lewi and Unity at some point though! Your patience is appreciated.

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