16. Remembering



[Within the physical fusion chamber; 36 and 53 are installing a new fusion coupler between 10 and 11, while 27 slowly drifts around]
10: Say, 27, do you mind, you know, helping fix this mess you made?
27: Can't, I'm stuck orbiting. My jets are still offline.
11: It's all right, 36 and 53 are almost done installing the new coupler anyway.
[Within the conceptual communication space; the sky is still dark]
11: Okay, they just finished. 10, get ready to open your intake valve... I'm gonna...
11: Hm.
10: What's the problem?
11: I, uh, can't get my flow going.
10: Heh, like that first client when we got to the south.
27 [giggling]: That hystrix?! Jarbreeze, that takes me back. Remember how he tried to p--
11: Come on, guys, this is serious.
11: Although that WAS pretty funny.