2016/12/27: Another chapter ends

So, today's comic ends chapter 4 of Lewi. But as chapter 5 starts, I'm also beginning another sort of chapter: I've left my job to work on my creative pursuits full-time! You can read about it over on my Patreon.

And on that note, now would be a really good time to consider backing me on Patreon.

2016/12/19: Web Comic Secret Santa

As you might guess from today's guest comic, I participated in the Web Comic Secret Santa Exchange this year. You can see my contribution over at TRU-Life Adventures by Andrew Rothery.

Also! I haven't had much chance to work on comics lately but soon I'm going to have plenty of time to do so. More news to follow!

2016/12/09: Woogh

Wrists are hurting as usual but I'm working on rearranging some lifestyle stuff to make it work out. Follow my Patreon if you want to know more!


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