September 20, 2011: Transmogrify

The other good thing was I finally figured out another bug that looked like something completely different and was confusing everyone, and I also got rid of a major application performance problem, but those seemed less fun to draw.


I had another dream this morning.
A centipede-like alien regards fluffy, who has been transformed into a multicolored platypus-porcupine-cuttlefish-skunk thing
Alien: Experiment was another one success
Alien: Would human like a return to Earth now?
I don't think this one had much to do with anything.


09/21/2011 05:43 pm 
I'm loving the journal comics so far. Smile Hope to see more.
09/21/2011 11:04 pm 
Thanks! I'm not sure how long this is going to last but so far it's going great. I'm just worried about running out of new good things that are worth illustrating.

I do know that there's going to have to be something Very Special on Sunday, assuming I don't miss any updates leading up to it. Or rather, I already know what the good thing for that day will be. Very Happy