18. Māo ròu



Zero addresses the other members of the collective
Zero: Myselves, I/we have a mystery. Somewhere, the humans lost track of a population in what we now know as Centralia.
Zero: These remnants eventuallye volved into what we now know as "apes."
Zero: Please use our spare time to try to find anything about how they ended up there and whatever--
83235: Found it!
38085: found something
1532: you mean like this?
7693: here's a thing
Zero [annoyedly]: All problems are shallow, I guess.
83235: Also here's a neat thing about nuclear fission in popular culture
9234: Could someone seed, please?
255: Hey, while we're sharing videos here's some cute kittens! ^_^
94225: Found it! Ack, lag
(unspecified unit): Everyone, please stop replying to everyone!