2. Four walls and a bed



Lena sits on her futon in her tiny apartment, with a fair amount of clutter strewn about, notably dirty dishes and clothes on her floor, and a manatee plush on her futon
Lena: Sigh...
Lena holds a navipad which shows her recent academic record; a graph displays her subject scores, which are generally poor. A glowing red dot indicates the most recent test; she scored a miserable 37%. A list of important questions she got wrong follows.
Lena: thinking I've got to get out of this place.


12/15/2010 09:13 am 
So for those who realllllly want to try to figure out Simplified Hiero, here is the translation of the text on Lena's pad:

Dr. Hokori - - - - Lena Melrose
(a graph of trendlines indicating her long-term performance in multiple subject areas; the flashing red dot indicates this result)

Chemistry midterm 37%
Incorrect items:

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get away from the cat [wrong]

The difference between cis- and trans- chiral molecules?
Cis chirals aren't bent, but you cross trans ones [wrong]

(some chemical formula that I can't remember what it maps to in our chemistry notation except that one of the chemicals is sulfuric acid; I really should have written this down somewhere)
(the chemical symbols just added together trivially) [wrong, please see me]