203. Doctor's assessment



Goldberg: Melrose had been dropped off by persons unknown during a major seizure. When it awoke, it had no recollection of who or what it was. Before I could question it further, an Agent took it away.
Goldberg: On later visits, it had regained some of its memories, but it seemed paranoid. The topic of Officer Haring in particular made it anxious... It also seemed a bit... manic when referring to its ongoing research.
Arbiter: voice-over Did you ever determine what had happened?
Goldberg: voice-over It eventually claimed it had inflicted amnesia upon itself in order to keep Officer Haring happy, but did not go into detail. It also said that it was now experiencing synesthetic responses that it didn't have until recently.
Goldberg: Whatever is going on, it is far beyond my diagnostic capabilities. I suggested it seek psychiatric help.
Juni watches, clutching its hair.
Arbiter: voice-over Is there anyone else with whom you have consulted for advice?
Goldberg: voice-over Not as such, no, although early on I did ask a reporter my husband knows if they'd heard anything. Kali Rosha, with the Southern Daily Axis.
Arbiter: Yes, I am quite familiar with Kali Rosha. It does seem they are rather... prolific in this matter.
Arbiter: I am beginning to regret that a conflict of interest prevents me from questioning them in this.
Arbiter: Not that they'd tell me anything...