240. Gentle change



Juni, Tanya, Kali, and Kila eat dinner at the restaurant from the beginning of the series
Kali: The reporter Merrick has points. Many public members grow concerned about Academy secrecy.
Juni: Yes, bu you know the actual story now. Can't you just... tell them?
Kali: It is what I ask for. You control release of the story.
Kila: Kali is right, dear. You two made an agreement.
Juni: Oh.
Juni: What about my obligation to the Academy?
Kila: Did you not want a gentle change? Do you not want to prevent a revolution?
Juni: Sure, but the directorate--
Kali: What would they do? Ignore the needs of Zero? They are stuck with you.
Juni: Ugh, I never wanted it to be like this. I just wanted to do my research... Tanya, can't you just, I dunno, shoot everyone?
Tanya: Sure, critter, but you gotta fill out the paperwork.