231. Kayohash on delivery



Juni: Hi, Tamu. You really didn't have to come get me.
Tamu: Welcome back. Did you have a pleasant flight here?
Juni: It was okay. Hopefully Zero can get the pod network working again, though.
Tamu: "Zero?" Oh, the simulation. Yes, indeed.
Juni: I don't think it's fair to refer to it as "the simulation" anymore.
Tamu: Perhaps not.
Tamu: I realize you are inherently biased, but do you truly think it was wise to give "Zero" such full access to Unity?
Juni: I don't think we have any other choice now.
Juni: The damage is done Little fragments of me, all over Unity's systems. Ugh.
Tamu: I doubt this is what the Homin had in mind for this ship.
Juni: [English]Icarus was just about their own diaspora. We are what's left over.
Tamu: Is this a relapse?
Juni: Oh, goodness no.
Juni: I think they'd be incredibly happy we even exist.