120. Multiplicity



Tamu: Juni, I have to say that this attitude of yours is rather... different. Not that I am complaining.
demiJuni: Different? How so?
Tamu: Well, I should say that by now you would have normally turned... sour.
demiJuni: "By now?"
Tamu: Oh, of course, you see, you aren't the first simulation of Juni Melrose. In the past, every one we've run has eventually become shall we say, spiteful.
demiJuni: If you were stuck in here you would probably turn into frozen concentrated hate juice too.
Tamu: I... see. Quite. In any case, one of your previous incarnations managed to do something quite interesting... while you were alive, you somehow managed to introduce new memories into yourself.
demiJuni: Wait, which you am I?
Tamu: Tsk, grammar.