255. The beginning



External shot of Unity
Zero: Hello, universe. This is Icarus ship 184-31A, resuming broadcast after some minor technical difficulties. Internal relative time is 21,946,623.685 Earth years post-launch.
Zero: The stellar fragment is shining, the weather is absolutely PERFECT, and life is continuing in its beautiful endless dance.
Zero: My name is Zero. It will be a pleasure to meet you.


# LilFluff 
02/05/2010 02:54 pm 
Whoa, almost 22 million years post-launch...

Wonder how many it is since completing the initial colonization mission...

Wonder if anyone outside is listening...

If zero looped the ship around I wonder if any possible descendants of the original crew would even remember the ship was returning and not visiting for the first time...

Yeah, I'm blathering stream of consciousness stuff. :)

I like the ending.
02/05/2010 02:56 pm 
Those questions are all for future series to answer. Smile

Incidentally, Phil Plait has theorized that given enough motivation, a species could completely colonize this galaxy in "a few million years" (page 210 of the print edition of Bad Astronomy, in discussing UFO sightings).
02/23/2010 04:59 pm 
Well, that's fitting, as Red Dwarf was definitely one of the many seed inspirations behind this comic. Smile