Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage!

Done by request, for the Gift of Music contest from the Song Fight! community. (The song was requested, the actual treatment was a surprise.)

Paco del Stinko: Sometimes It's Hard To Keep Yourself Moving

A bunch of Song Fight! people decided to honor Paco del Stinko with some secret covers of his music.

The Beatles - Yes It Is

Glenn asked me to cover this song.

The Blind Mime - Blue Signal

I was assigned to cover The Blind Mime. With the help of my friend Paul, I translated it from a depressing gothic thing to a lighthearted J-dance song. (Strangely, the translated lyrics made more sense than the original ones.)

PrayForMojo - Rock Bottom

For Cover Fight I was assigned to cover PrayForMojo. Most of his songs were about breaking up with a girlfriend, which of course I have no experience with, but this one lurking in the archive (submitted for the Indie Rock Bottom fight) struck something of a chord. It did with the voters, as well. (Though due to a weirdness in how Cover Fight voting happens, although I got the highest score I didn't win.)

Frankie Big Face - 120 MPH

In the first Cover Fight, Frankie Big Face ended up getting me, and he did a great cover of my 120 MPH. In the second one I ended up getting him, so of course I did the opposite treatment to his. Amazingly enough, he liked it.

Aaron's Bowel Problem - Watch Your Face

The very first Cover Fight (a side project from Song Fight). I was assigned Aaron's Bowel Problem. They were upset that I changed a couple of the lyrics to be less scatological.