Maru in Slow Motion

An instrumental song done for a cat who lives in Japan.

Stueym: International Man Of Mystery

Just a quick ditty about a mysterious stranger from Songfightistan for one of Song Fight!'s "Themesong Fight" collections.


A song I wrote for an album I never got around to finishing. Reflections on personality dissociation.

Moodswing #3

A song done for an album I never got around to finishing, and also for a songwriting competition I tried (and failed) to start based on thinking I could do a better job of it than Song Fight. (I was wrong.)

Chu Chu Dance Rocket

For a contest run by a Dreamcast news site, I made this silly ambient-eurodance song based on the chord progression in the famous Chu Chu Rocket ad for Japanese television. With it and my other entry I actually won a copy of Chu Chu Rocket, which I was happy about. (My other entry is so horrible that I'm not going to link to it here unless I get a lot of requests.)

On the plus side, the drum track was me beatboxing (run through some heavy effects processing).

pointed little quill

My first completed album, a collection of purely electronic songs I did over the course of several years. I'm particularly proud of Softspoken. Most of these songs have their genesis from when I was trying to be a part of the demo scene. All of these songs were composed in the venerable Impulse Tracker, aside from a few which were started in Scream Tracker. Many of the samples were non-sample files (such as autoexec.bat and so on) used as if they were raw PCM.

This album is available for physical purchase at CDBaby, or for download right here! more...