Determine if people could play music together without even knowing what anyone else was playing.

Decide if it worked.


Musicians were given a simple task: Record any sort of instrumental/vocal improvisation (around 1-2 minutes long) in any key, style, and tempo. They were not told what would be done with it, so as to not color their perceptions of what should be played.

As the clips trickled in, they were assembled into a single audio piece. Most of them were unaltered aside from volume, equalization and minor edits, though a few were repurposed as texture tracks through heavy reverb.


Project - One was made possible by the generous donations of (in order of receipt):
  • Bill Maciejewski (heuristics inc.): Soft pads
  • John "Carlos" Reed: Electric bass
  • fluffy: Guitar, synthesizers, voice
  • Chris Hoblit: Electric guitar
  • Mike Lebovitz (Father Bingo): Voice and cat
  • Blank the Destroyer (Blank & the Spanks): Instrumental laptop noise and freestyle drumming
  • Jute Gyte and Calfborg: Piano
  • Jim, The Sober Irishman: Tin whistle
  • Ken Mahru (Ken's Super Duper Band and Stuff) and prayformojo: Synthetic shaker pads
  • Jute Gyte: Voice
  • Jim of Seattle: Piano
  • MC Paul Denyer (The Unhappy Clowns Society of Frankston): Harmonica
mix environment