the song always stretches on tv

A version of "The Sun Always Shines on TV" by A-Ha, stretched to a 45-minute symphonic epic

Super Slow Mario

A short playthrough of Super Mario Bros stretched past the breaking point turns into nightmare fuel. Original music by Koji Kondo.

flavored dipping tobacco

You can pry skoalrebel's whiskey-flavored chewin' tabaccy from his cold dead hands.

Sarah Palin's Remixation

I'd say "good bye and good riddance" but it sounds like she's planning on being even more of an irritant, with the ambition of a refrigerator magnet.

Stop Remixing Me A Homo

I feel very sorry for christianu2uber, already being sure that he "used to be gay but not anymore" at such a young age, and having had all notions of gay-friendliness stripped away, probably by overbearingly conservative parents. And then he goes and posts this.

REmix: Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong?

An autotune-style remix of a clever pro-gay-marriage ramble (which in turn was a parody of a now-unavailable anti-gay-marriage ramble).

Aaron Ackerson: Ten Pounds Of Love

An entry in a chain remix of Aaron Ackerson's song Ten Pounds Of Love. Uses samples from previous links in the chain by Heuristics Inc. and Future Boy.

<3 - Rhymes With Lucia

A remix-cover thing of <3's song "Rhymes With Lucia" for Remix Fight. Most of the sounds are from the original though I recorded new vocals and guitar.

Mostly Harmless - Rockopolousaninjananophone Eternal - The Vishnu Cycle

Yes, this really is a remix of the original. Really.

The Idiot Kings - Third String

Remixfight entry. The vocals wanted accompaniment, and I denied them the pleasure, instead leaving the listener to listen for that which wasn't there instead. They are suffocating in their own isolation.

The Silverback - Virus

Two Remixfight entries. The Abbadabbadoo Mix won!

Bill Berry - The Problem From The Start

The Blind Mime - His Skin Disguise

I decided to see how far removed I could make a song from the original source. I used a few of the loops from the original and mixed it into this slide guitar blues track (using a whole bunch of stock loops in lieu of actual slide guitar skill).

Trivia: This RemixFight wasn't actually part of RemixFight, it was just a side project The Blind Mime decided to do. It was such a success that he started RemixFight shortly afterwards, though. (RemixFight has since changed hands a few times.)

Octothorpe - Too Goth To Rock

When Octothorpe's entry for Too Goth To Rock was criticized for having a pretty bad mix, Spud posted the raw tracks for people to remix. Rather than try anything outlandish I decided to just rearrange things a little and add more vocal processing. more...