Wake Cycle

Android plays an alarm for exactly 10 minutes before giving up, so here is a 10-minute mp3 which slowly escalates in severity to gently wake you up during that time. Perhaps it also works as meditation music. Put it in the "alarms" folder on your SD card (creating one if you don't have one).

Theme of Access Forbidden

The catchy little tune on my 403 error page, as a phone-ready mp3.

Bell Chime

A simple 440Hz bell chime which lasts 30 seconds, to gently ease you into waking up instead of assaulting your senses.


For those times you want something audible but unobtrusive.

Theme from Love Triangle Dating Challenge

An extended version of the theme song composed for a cellphone game by Longtail Studios.

Repair My Heart

A ringtone version of the plus+5 version of Repair My Heart.

Fool In The Middle

A ringtone version of Fool In The Middle.