Song Fight is a weekly songwriting competition, where various titles are posted and a bunch of bands write songs for those titles.

Double Take

Looking to the future...


Sometimes It's Hard to Keep Yourself Moving

A song about feeling disaffected. more...

Sorry to Inform You

Maybe you should have listened to the principal. Then you could have won at Song Fight! too. more...

Everybody Calm Down

A song about love and monsters. more...


a mathematical experiment

Night Terrors

Baby, Be Quiet

An experiment in minimalism. more...

So<kpupp3t - Robot Baby

A silly collaboration with <3. It is an allegory about technology (I specifically had cellphones in mind).

All Tan

A live recording of the first time I'd ever even tried playing my song "All Tan" at the livefight at Song Fight! High and Dry in Santa Cruz. I kind of made up the chords as I went along and I lost track of my lyrics towards the end but recovered, sorta. Someday I'll probably re-record a studio version, in the style of Birds Of Our Own (+5).

Bad Cat

Abstract expressionistic music about a cat. Based roughly on my parents' cat Axel. more...

Octothorpe - The Elements Of Style

Maddog on vocals, me on backup vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums, Seattle's 5th Avenue on ambient sounds. Lyrics were written by Aaron "Stubs" Ondek and edited by Barry "Benny" Brinkman with contributions by Ray C. "Spud" Freeman III. more...

Attack Of The Show

I totally improvised this one on the spot. It's about how people will whore themselves out just to be on TV.

Octothorpe - Sign My Box

This was my first entry as part of Octothorpe. I made the chord progression, played acoustic guitar (mixed way down just to add a little "shininess" to the sound) and keyboards and did some backing vocals, and did all the recording/editing/production. And it won!

This song also features Marcus Kellis as guest performer on guitar and vocals, and as usual Spud on bass and backup vocals and Mad Dog on vocals.

The lyrics (written by Stubs and Mad Dog) are based on something that happened to MC Frontalot.

God Hates Penguins

Another spoken-word improv entry, from the perspective of a folk-singing attention-deficit acolyte of Satan who occasionally hangs out with God and just happens to be wandering around Antarctica.

Run Faster

Before I left for my parents' house for my winter vacation, I recorded a song, and while en route I remixed it three times based on my surroundings. (Yay laptops!)

Five Minutes

Waiting for a plane to take me away. Recorded on the barren floor of my new studio apartment in New York.

The Elite Inner Echelon Blood Circle - Elvis In Space

Glenn, Ken and I found out we all had the same birthday (which was also the due date for this entry), so we collaborated on a song. We won.

(My verse is the one about Elvis Stojko.)

Paper Cuts

A song about being on the other side of unrequited love. more...

Moscow, Idaho

Some spoken-word improvisation.

The Frontalittle Squad - Goodbye Monster

I took on the guest role of producer for The Frontalittle Squad. I also was the voice of Godzilla, as well as all the random badly-dubbed Japanese people in the background.

We won.

Brown Boxes

I did a shot each of whiskey and Jägermeister before recording the vocals for authenticity. I learned to play slide guitar two days previously.

Put Cindy Back On The Bus

An attempt at emulating the Violent Femmes. more...

House In My Head

Existential meanderings, written while doped up on Robitussin.

(I was pretty sick at the time.)

Violet Wants It Her Way

A song about a girl in a piece of children's literature, 15 years later.

A Variation On Two

artwank entered as entropic pincushion

(I did it by chaining both the audio and MIDI on an electric drumset through a SIDstation.)

Sunny Day

It felt like the world was out to get me at the time. So much so that i didn't realize the title was actually supposed to be "Sunny Again."

I Think It's Killing Me

An ode to caffeine.

Fool In The Middle

My first entry after taking a few months' sabbatical from Song Fight. It kind of summed up my feelings about it and why I'd left for a while.

Husky Youth

Just a song about dreaming about being a dog. I reworked it somewhat for an album which I never got around to finishing. The melody came to me in a dream the night before titles went up.

Birds Of Our Own

Just some lazy-Sunday lo-fi jazz improv.

Escapegoat - I Can See You

Patrick Clayton and I decided to do a collaboration. It was submitted just fine but the copy Narbotic put up was broken so nobody could hear it. Oh well.

Repair My Heart

Some instrumental electronic heart repair.

But wait, there's more!

This isn't all of the music I've written for Song Fight — just the stuff I've bothered to post. Granted, if it's not posted here, it's probably because it's crap, but I have several entries under the names fluffy porcupine, fluffy, and Pringle Can.