Paper Cuts

A song about being on the other side of unrequited love.


I got your letter
Addressed to me
Don't know why you sent it
It's such a mystery
You said you're broken
Trying to hide
Asked me how I'm doing, said you're
burning up inside
You tell a story
A lover in the past,
You say you think this time will be
different, that we will last
I don't need this
Kind of attention
Please don't show me
Your affection
I don't want you
To always tell me
How you think this
Is meant to be
Another letter
You talk of dreams
Seeing us together,
And everything's serene
You tell a story, How
everything was wrong
Until the day you met me, how I'm
Wonderful and strong
I think you should know
It's hard on me, The
Love you think you have is just a
Cause of misery
Another letter
The paper splattered red
By the time I read this you think
that you might be dead
You said you loved me, Why
did I lead you on
I'm pretty sure I didn't want your
Melancholy song
I call your lover, She
says you're doing fine
She told me that you said to tell me
Please stay on the line
You say you're sorry
For acting such a fool
But can we still be friends, if it would
Not be cold and cruel
I say I'm sorry, I
Never wanted you, the
image that you had of me
Was anything but true
You say you're sorry
You hang your head in shame
I'm sorry if you wanted me,
I just don't feel the same