Birds Of Our Own

The original was some lo-fi lazy Sunday jazz improv. The new one is a bit more hardcore. See if you can spot the oh-so-subtle Beatles references! more...

Listen Close

My worst Song Fight entry ever, all but ignored, its overwrought (and over-ambitious) essence distilled into an introverted jazz improv session (which is what I'd intended for it to begin with).

120 MPH

The original was me basically being a dork and deciding that Song Fight people clearly didn't care about quality. Since then I've come to understand otherwise.

This time I tried for something more symphonic.


Stronger Than

The original was so bad I didn't even want to link to it directly here. This time around I decided to go for something a bit more experimental. more...


The first song where I managed to record the guitar and vocals each in a single take. That's about all what's good that I can say about it.

In the intervening time I tried (unsuccessfully) to rerecord this song many times, and each one was bad in some fundamental way. This version is no different. I keep on adjusting it even long after the deadline but it still feels like it's missing something.


Repair My Heart

An instrumental, and arguably my best-sounding classic entry.

The new version combines the original song with my love for Dave Brubeck.


My very first Song Fight entry. I bought my first guitar (which I paid too much for at a pawn shop) and taught myself to play it for this song. I couldn't play more than a few chords at a time so I recorded them individually and used them as samples in Impulse Tracker.


Five Years Ago This Week

I first discovered Song Fight during A B C D Puppies sometime in December of 2000. I was instantly hooked, and it wasn't long before I started entering.

Five years after it started, Song Fight started displaying the fight which was current five years before. Song Fight is revisiting the past; I am too.