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Paid Digital Distribution

There are a number of digital distribution vendors on the market now who will act as a record label in order to allow people to buy music you produce. As I find out about them, I'll compare them.

Revision history

2006-03-15: TuneCore now has more stores, and detailed payout information. CDBaby has changed their contract (most notably, they dropped the exclusivity part).

2006-01-25: Initial post


Encoding MP3s for the Internet

In order to make it easier for people to encode their entries for their various Internet-based distribution (for example, SongFight or somesongs, or a personal website) without having to launch into a long-winded technical discussion which nobody will understand, I have instead just written up some very simple instructions which seem to work the best for the most people. Follow at your own discretion.

What this buys you: Encoded mp3s which are both smaller and higher-quality than the ones which most people post online. Your cymbals will sound better, and your files will be smaller. You will also have better luck with members of the desired sex/gender (or lack thereof).

(Okay, I made that last part up.) more...