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I would just like to point out that this is the 200th Unity strip. Back in #100 (which I see was almost exactly a year ago) I joked that I was planning on doing 155 more, and right now it looks like it’s actually on track for that to be a possibility. Wouldn’t it be great if I actually managed to make it exactly 255 long?


busybee comics on Komix!

2009/09/04 12:00 AM

Komix! is an interesting comic-aggregation site which appears to make it easy to subscribe to many webcomics. Of course, Google Reader (and any other RSS aggregator) can do this as well, but Komix! adds a few other useful comic-specific features; notably, it allows you to discuss with the rest of the Komix! community, rate individual comics, and also provides a site overlay which makes it easy to quickly peruse an archive by title and rating and a few other things. It has recently relaunched, and if you don’t like using an RSS reader for comics for whatever reason, Komix! might be more to your liking.

In any case, here is the busybee comics listing.

Wrists are crap again

2009/09/09 12:00 AM

I probably need to take another week off.

Linkroll updated

2009/09/13 12:50 AM

While this is a continuous process, my linkroll has been modified enough over the past few weeks that I suggest you check it out again. There are probably a bunch of comics you’ve never seen on there.

Wrists are still crap

2009/09/14 12:00 AM

but manageably so, for now. We’ll see how this goes.

Quick informal poll

2009/09/21 12:00 AM

I’m curious about aspects of my readership (this means you): How did you find out about my comics? How do you read my comics? (RSS, LiveJournal, manually browsing, bookmark, etc.) Why don’t you ever post comments? (Or: What would get you to post comments?) Anything you’d like to see more of and/or less of? Will you be my friend?

As always, you don’t actually have to register for the forum to post a comment on this thread.