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Dream: Friendly fondling

18 years ago

fluffy: Waiting for the bathroom?

Lizard: Yeah, it’s just one of those days I guess.

fluffy: Heh. Women or misc?

Lizard: Women.

fluffy: Know if misc is taken?

Lizard: No idea.

fluffy: I don’t know why they bother anyway. I mean, each one only has one toilet anyway.

Lizard: Tradition, I guess.

Lizard: So, are you a hermaphrodite?

fluffy: Eh, well, it depends.

Lizard: Depends?

fluffy: Yeah, I seem to vary.

Lizard: That’s odd.

fluffy: Well, it keeps things interesting, at least.

Lizard: And what are you right now?

fluffy: I wouldn’t know without check-

[[The Lizard fondles fluffy’s crotch.]]

fluffy: ing?

fluffy: Eep?

Lizard: Nice.


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