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On the plus side, my wrists are doing a lot better lately.

On the other plus side, my life is doing a lot better lately.

On the minus side, that still doesn’t leave a lot of time for comics.


Time continues to pass at an alarming rate

2016/03/25 10:34 PM

So, wow, a lot’s been going on in my life.

I’ve finally come out at large about my gender stuff and am properly, publicly transitioning. This has had the interesting side effect of greatly reducing (although not eliminating) my wrist pain — turns out a lot of it was just due to my constant internal tension! Same with my anxiety! GO FIGURE!

I’m also really busy at work, both with a bunch of stuff regarding transition and with my actual day job. And I’m feeling great.

I also have so many other projects that take precedence over comics right now. Which sucks because I still really want to get back to comics (especially Lewi!) but at least it’s sucking for a generally positive reason now.

Thank you everyone who’s still holding on and checking for updates. (I assume you are just still subscribed to my RSS feed or something.)

(Oh also you can feel free to read an article about my medical transition, if you like.)