2015/11/11: Same old same old

Yadda yadda sorry for not updating yadda yadda yadda

my art tag on Tumblr has some new stuff (mostly Undertale fanart these days) but mostly I've been busy wallowing in a desire to work on comics but no ability to. Current excuse list:


2015/10/03: It's Inktober!

I'm going to try to draw at least one picture a day in October, because that seems like a good way to get out of my doldrums. Obviously I'm running a bit behind but I'll try to catch up.

Of course it turns out that Inktober is supposed to be about drawing in ink. Go figure. So uh. I'm really far behind.

2015/09/27: Oh god I am so terrible at this

My current list of excuses for not posting anything:


  • 888 total comics published (including 82 sketchbook pages, not counting 19 guest arts)