Today’s accomplishments

For the past few days I’ve been having a major fibro flare so I was expecting this weekend to be a total waste. But somehow I ended up getting the wherewithal to do a bunch of things today.

  • Tried out the Whole Foods Amazon return process, which was pretty okay (although the closest Whole Foods to me is a bit of a trek)
  • Went to Home Depot and got a weed/edge trimmer, a bunch of plants, a storage bin for my printer filament, and some other stuff
  • Bought some gas for my lawnmower (and had to get help from the gas station attendant since I’d never filled a gas can before, and he was… not particularly helpful but whatevs, I eventually figured it out)
  • Planted the plants
  • Saw that a bird was building a nest in a nook by my chimney; since I didn’t want to get bird mites I ended up being a monster and I scared her off, pulled out all of the nesting material (thankfully, there were no eggs! so she was probably still getting ready), sprayed it down with a bunch of insecticide, and then filled in the nook with expanding foam
  • Did a bunch of weeding/lawn edging, and then mowed my lawn

My raised beds are really coming along. Right now I have a bunch of stuff planted:

  • Rosemary, tomatoes, green peas, zucchini (from starts)
  • Sage, thyme, oregano, cilantro, chives, bell peppers (from seeds)
  • Potatoes (from just-sprouting grocery store potatoes)
  • Romaine, spring onions (from the root end of some grocery store lettuce)

And then in a flower box that the previous owner left behind I have a bunch of violas (from starts), and I’m probably going to plant some other stuff in it too since the box is pretty big.

Anyway. Gardening is fun and I’m so glad I have space to do it in now. This is so much better than the window flower boxes I had in my condo.

Speaking of which, my condo still hasn’t sold; if you have credit equaling $650K burning a hole in your pocket (and really it’s worth a lot more than that), now is your chance.


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