The Problem With Bill Gates

⭐️ The Problem With Bill Gates

Anyone worth over a billion dollars after 2020 will have failed the only moral test that mattered in their lives. They must dismantle themselves, each other, and the violent power structures that protect them. The plutocracy can have all the good intentions in the world, but it is unable to exist without draining the resources and smothering the efforts that could sustain justice in that world.

Re: Clientwide Webmentions

💬 Clientside Webmentions

I searched Webmention implementations on GitHub and found Max Stoiber’s impl. It fetches a simple count of webmentions, and then paginated full text responses. I figured I should try adapting that.

Ah, I hadn’t seen this particular clientside implementation before. Cool to see someone building something with React. Also that gives me some ideas for things I could add to webmention.js, namely doing a paginated series of async queries instead of just setting the page size to be really large.

(Not that I’ve ever seen any blog post ever have enough mentions for this to make a difference, but we’ll get there someday!)

Re: Proposal for #IndieWeb website swap day/week/event

💬 Re: Proposal for #IndieWeb website swap day/week/event

IndieWeb! What if we suddenly… swap sites?

No, not actual sites with actual content, but site runtimes. Set up a subdomain on our server and then set up someone else’s software on that subdomain and try to blog on it for a certain timeframe, like a week maybe?

This will allow us to test each other’s sites, including their onboarding procedures and UX. Also it may be fun!

I love this idea, mostly because I’m all in favor of getting more eyes on Publ (especially improving its documentation!), and I’d also love to see how other people are solving the various problems with web publishing.