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8 years ago

So, there’s this thing called Patreon where you can send a few bucks the way of your favorite creators. A few folks have asked me why I don’t have one, so now now I do.

The way it works is that you pledge a certain amount of money for a certain amount of creative output (in my case, every time I post a comic or a song or whatever), and you can set a monthly limit and so on.

To sweeten the deal, Patreon backers will often get stuff before everyone else; for example, when I’m working on music, Patreon gets the tracks first! And, if I ever get in a spot where I actually have a buffer of comics again, Patreon backers will get to see them before they go live on the site. I’ll also eventually set up rewards for the bigger backers, if I can figure out what those rewards should be in the first place.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to start charging for my content or anything. This is just a way for people to send me money for the things I’m already doing anyway, and it is totally optional (and completely understandable if you don’t chip in).


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