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5 years ago

I’m doing Inktober again, and this year I’m going to probably use the official prompts to design new species until I end up just doing more Undertale fanart.

I’m also going to keep on working on Lewi, of course; when a Lewi comic is ready it’ll preempt a post of Inktober, and I’ll just have to double Inktober posts up or something. Or maybe I could just post multiple things for a single day; technically my CMS supports it, but the results are kind of inelegant. Wait no, my CMS only supports it on archive pages and the RSS feed, it won’t work on the front page. Wellp.

Or, judging by how it went last year, I’ll only remember to post like three of them here and the rest will just have to be seen on my Tumblr.

(I swear I’m going to get around to making a better CMS for my site someday!)

Update: Inktober stuff now lives in the inktober section


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