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Current situation

11 years ago

Sorry for the extended absence. Work has gotten less crazy, but unfortunately the last few weeks of panic and self-inflicted crunch have left my wrists a complete mess, and it hurts to draw. I’m going crazy not being able to draw, but at least I have been able to record some more of the vocals for my next album. But t really want to get back to comics (and finish Meat, which isn’t that far from the end right now) but I don’t know when it’ll be.

In the meantime, because of how my comic site is set up, I can only really post a newspost on days when there’s an image, so on the plus side I have a reason to post some of my backlogged sketches and other such images in the meantime. Today’s sketch is something I did around a month ago.

As always, I welcome guest art. If anyone wants to have fun drawing any of my characters doing something goofy (or whatever), I’m not all that picky.


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