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Bonus contents

9 years ago

So, here’s the state of affairs on the book-exclusive bonus contents (and the book as a whole):The appendix is coming along well (although more questions to answer would be welcomed!), and I suspect this is one of the only comic books to use BibTeX for its bibliography. Or even to have a bibliography.The bonus art section has a bunch of stuff in it, but it could always use more! Send me your fanarts for inclusion! (I will also post them on the site.)I am having a hell of a time getting LaTeX to cooperate with my custom Hiero font and I’m not sure just how much I want to explain about a language which I pretty much make up as I go along anyway. Does anyone feel strongly about how extensive this should be? Because it’s looking like I’m going to have to do some goofy stuff to make it work.Come to think of it, any goofy stuff might also make it difficult to provide an ePub/Kindle/whatever version, so I guess I’ll be using inlined bitmaps or something. That might actually be easier to deal with anyway.Who the hell uses LaTeX to typeset a comic book, anyway?

Input would be appreciated, as always.


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