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Bear with me

2011/05/02 1:24 AM

Meat is almost done, and hopefully I’ll be able to stick to my update schedule again, although work is still kinda crazy (and other work-related-but-not-actually-work stuff is also kinda crazy but hopefully not for long). Hopefully finishing Meat will give me the energy/impetus I need to finish writing one of the two Unity stories I’ve had on the back burner, or maybe I’ll even do more Pernicious or… or something. I dunno.

Oh anyway my album is still available, and is now on CD too if you want it that way (and now you can also get it through CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, and so on).


2011/05/13 12:00 AM

fluffy (the character, who represents fluffy the would-be artist) will be showing up in some background cameo or another on Ant Guy sometime soon. Adam (the cartoonist, who draws Ant Guy the character) has already posted some rather cute concept sketches which are, as always, very fun to see.

Incidentally, if you (the reader of this news post, who may or may not have characters of their own) have any characters that you would like to see me attempt to draw, and perhaps even include in a future comic (not that I have any specific plans for any crowd scenes or whatever), feel free to post a comment to that effect. (And of course I’ll never turn down pictures of my characters!)

“Keep it brief,” right

2011/05/20 1:36 AM

Jeeze, it’s taken me nearly six months to do a 31-strip short story (which isn’t even actually done yet)? That’s an average of 5 comics per month. Where did the time go?

Butcher paper

2011/05/23 12:00 AM

That’s it for Meat. I’m going to take another break because I’m busy getting ready for a gig and there’s some day-job stuff happening and I still haven’t written another comic series. Maybe I’ll have some one-off ideas though (maybe making comics out of some of the dumb jokes I’ve been posting on Twitter) and stuff like that.

Meanwhile, what would you like to see more of?