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Just to help expire the ridiculously-old news posts

2012/04/04 9:25 AM

Obviously I’ve started another series. Hopefully I can write the middle of the script before I get to it!

Also in case you missed it, you can buy Unity Book 1: Ascent over at my former employer. Someday I will put together a merch page. That day is probably not today.

Possible update outage

2012/04/18 12:00 AM

I’m going to be traveling Friday thru Sunday for a family member’s wedding, so don’t be too surprised if comics don’t get posted on time.

In case you missed it

2012/04/25 12:09 AM

Sorry about that - I forgot to upload the comic before posting it, and forgot to check to make sure it got posted correctly before going to bed last night. Fortunately, today’s comic wasn’t terribly important to the story anyway.

(Also, sorry if you got a bunch of duplicate entries in your feed reader; I made some changes to the feed so that I could “bump” an individual entry if necessary, and that required bumping everything. Of course, not every feed reader will even support that, so if you didn’t get a bunch of duplicate entries, oh well.)

Sorry about the absence

2012/05/07 12:00 AM

I haven’t been in a particularly good mood for making comics lately. Real life keeps on getting in the way.