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2013/03/07 12:00 AM

So, my wrists are in bad shape again, and there’s another multi-page comic project I’m supposed to be working on which has a pretty firm deadline in just two weeks, so I think updates might be more sporadic than usual here for a while.

Sorry for delays

2013/03/16 12:42 AM

Like I said earlier, I’m busy getting a comic together for a ‘zine, which is going to hopefully be sold by one of my Meetup cronies at Sakura-Con. In the meantime I’ve got plenty of sketches from the Meetup group that I can post as filler.

(I will probably not be at Sakura-Con myself, but I live just up the street from the convention center, so maybe I will be at a nearby party or two? We’ll see!)

Oh, and you may have noticed the new-ish site layout. I’ve tried making it a bit more modern (including flexible layout support), but let me know if anything’s broken!

Hopefully returning soon

2013/03/24 10:17 PM

Hopefully I’ll be starting my comics back up again soon. Two of my three projects-with-a-deadline (six-page comic for an anthology, and a three-minute soundtrack for a commercial(!)) are now basically done, and the third one is blocked on me getting that bit of inspiration needed to make it actually happen.

As far as my wrists go, they’re pretty much under control right now, thanks to massage therapy (although I could still use a bit more work on my wrists specifically) and getting an even fancier, more-expensiver keyboard at work.