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2013/09/04 12:00 AM

Current book status:

  • Two more strips to be drawn. They’re kind of ambitious so they might take a while, though.
  • I’m having someone else do the chapter title pages. They’re looking quite fantastic so far, but I don’t know how long they’ll take to get done.
  • Currently the Hiero language primer is 7 pages long (including a dictionary), the Q&A is 8 pages long (not counting the bibliography), and there are 9 pages of bonus art. It’d be awesome to get more bonus art, guest comics, and so forth submitted by readers. I should also probably plan on drawing some book-exclusive bonus comics or something.
  • I haven’t even started working on the book cover yet. I have a few general ideas but nothing’s gelling just yet.
  • I can start presales of the book as soon as I have the final pagecount (which depends on Q&A and bonus art) and at least preliminary cover art (which depends entirely on me). I suspect I will be able to have the book itself printed and shipping by December if all goes well.