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Book delays, comic delays

2013/11/18 12:00 AM

So, today’s picture isn’t a comic per se, but the most recent reason why book 2 has been delayed for a few more weeks. The printer had trouble with my PDF, and thanks to a series of miscommunications they ended up converting it to a bunch of RGB images to print out instead of trying to fix the PDF structure (or get a better structured PDF from me). The end result is that the text is all speckled and fuzzy and it’s definitely not to my standards (it basically looks like it was printed out on a cheap inkjet printer).

Part of this is my fault for using LaTeX for my book production process; it’s known to generate sub-optimal PDFs, and last time around I think Ken had used Acrobat’s optimizer to work around the issues (but this time that knowledge wasn’t transferred on to the person doing the actual printing — the business has gotten a lot larger and as a result, Ken has had to delegate a lot of stuff to less-knowledgeable employees). Also, Ken’s been completely professional and way more patient with me than I deserve through all this, so don’t take any of this as a mark against Keness.

In any case, my timetable was somewhat optimistic before and was based on them being able to stick to their schedule and us only having to go through one full proofing cycle; now it’ll take a minimum of two but I’ll probably need to do three.

The end result is that book 2 won’t be coming out until sometime in December at least. Sorry about that.

As always, if you’ve preordered through Amazon, your credit card won’t be charged until it actually ships. (And this is why I’m still happy about my decision to not do a Kickstarter this time around.)

Note that after preorders ship I will be setting up my own web store and handling fulfillment myself due to some inefficiencies with Amazon fulfillment that I’d rather not get into a rant about at this time but suffice it to say that unless you sell a few copies per week you’re better off just doing your own PayPal cart or whatever.

Anyway, now that that unpleasantness is out of the way, the other unpleasantness is that I’m not really into doing comics for now. I’ve taken on a lot more responsibility at work lately, which is good for my career but not so good for my free time. I’ve also been filling up what free time I have with working on music, both doing soundtrack work for others and working on a third Sockpuppet album. So, my attention is diverted elsewhere and I’m just not really in a comic-making mood these days.

Dr. Kat

2013/11/25 12:00 AM

I’m feeling depressed again and Good Things just isn’t doing it for me, so I thought I’d try something different.

The proof is in the printing

2013/11/27 12:00 AM

I got the third proof of book 2 today, and it’s fantastic! Time to print this mother-lover.

You should preorder it. Preorder the heck out of it.

The blackest of Fridays

2013/11/29 10:50 AM

This is when everyone buys everything, right? How about a couple of books?