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I might be pushing myself too hard

2016/05/10 12:00 AM

Hopefully Friday will be the last strip of chapter 3, and then I’ll take another little break before starting on chapter 4. That’s where stuff starts to get pretty intense.

Not the chapter end yet

2016/05/13 12:00 AM

Originally this strip (which seems to have turned into a page) was going to be the end of chapter 3, but then I decided that the few strips after it make for a better end-of-chapter story beat. Which is how I’d originally planned it, really, so it’s less a change in plans and more a reversion. Hopefully this means chapter 3 will be done by the end of next week instead.

Also! My Patreon is pretty lonely right now. Feel free to give it some hugs and attention if you like.

C'est la chapter 3

2016/05/23 2:54 PM

Lewi #42 ends chapter 3 (for reals this time). I need to take another break from cartooning because of wrists. But at least this leaves the story not hanging in the middle of a story beat.