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Lewi on hold (again), but that’s okay

2018/06/27 1:26 AM

Oh yeah, my new CMS means I can post newsposts without needing an accompanying comic now! I don’t need to be beholden to bad habits caused by my old site’s limitations!

Okay, so, I was doing really well with actually getting comics made, and then as always happens whenever I say something silly like “I seem to be getting back in the groove of making comics” my body decides to remind me that I can’t have nice things. For now I’m just focusing on things that will potentially lead to actual income, namely the startup and on music, in particular working on a few video game OSTs. Since that stuff is paid work you’ll need to follow my Patreon (generally at the $3 level) to get previews of that stuff before it goes public. And I feel like I’m making some pretty good stuff!

I absolutely do want to be working on comics as well but it’s just not in the cards at the moment. But I’m feeling okay about that for now, because I have enough good stuff going on even if I’m not able to work on all the things I want to work on.

Fortunately, I have friends who are taking the time to remind me that my comics can wait and that I do so many things as it is.

That said: If there are any folks out there who want to work with me on my comics (Lewi, in particular), please get in touch! I have a lot of plot planned out and at least the next few strips' worth of scripts written, and while I can’t actually pay anything it’d be cool to work in collaboration with someone for a while.

Anyway! Hopefully I can get back to this when I’m ready to, because I am still really excited about these stories, and I hope other people are too.

(For what it’s worth, on the Mankoski pain scale I’m currently floating between 6 and 7.)